gay london masseur all men welcome

Stress? Sexual frustration? Perhaps you simply want nurturing contact from another man. I am a trained, experienced, masculine masseur who is intuitive and sensitive to your physical and emotional needs. My London male massage is best delivered by a man who is mature, strong, and takes care of himself. I focus primarily on the back, glutes and legs with moderate to deep tissue strokes to create a sense of relaxation and relief from tension and stress. Stretching and sensual to erotic touch augment the pleasurable experience.

gay london masseur

I offer a sensual- erotic - tantric and somtimes therapeutic hot naked nude male on male massage and I work all areas of the male body from head to toe, front to back. I mix deep tissue and Swedish massage with a lot of erotic touches. My goal is to make you feel good, comfortable and relaxed.

I'm very friendly, easy going, laid back, chill, good with my hands and love a good conversation.

Very discreet and kind, no judgment or attitude here, safe and honest. All guys welcome!! Gay, straight or Bi, a male on male massage is always awesome and fun!

My nurturing personality will allow you to feel at ease as your body surrenders to my touch. The stress will melt away as you feel renewed, relaxed, and ready for anything!

I welcome all men of all ages, size and background, especially with those who are shy, inexperienced or "just curious" ill make sure you're taken care of.

My male massage is professional, therapeutic and strictly platonic. I am a sexy, gay, well built, student of massage, TANTRIC therapy. My massage is restorative and regenerative, sensual and relaxing, stimulating the immune system and moving blood and lymph, while addressing deep tissue trigger points and relaxing and energizing the nervous and muscular system. My massage mode includes therapies and exercises focused on breath, movement, visualization, and energy re-patterning. I also tailor a massage to focus on issues such as injury or imbalance. And I don't miss the inner thighs, and pelvic floor(taint)